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Sunrise in the Missouri Ozarks
Sunrise on our cove in the Missouri Ozarks
Our resources on this earth are limited.  People are beginning to focus on water
preservation, raising their own livestock and homesteading their land. We plant gardens,
hunt, and fish to create a sustainable simple life.  By utilizing solar energy, frugal living, and
respecting nature, we can develop a backwoods life that is more than fulfilling, it is
We have learned (and are still learning) from those who have shared their backwoods
wisdom so freely. We have listened to the "old timers", and now we strive to encourage
those that are ready to begin their own homestead adventure. We offer gardening and
building ideas, tips on farm and ranch animals, miniature livestock, wood burning stoves, and
living off the land. We also have fantastic recipes, insight into drilling wells, gray water,
septic systems, and more. Square foot gardening is just one of the many areas that we are
pursuing, so follow along as we build our garden corral.  Everything on our homestead will
have a purpose.  The livestock, garden and buildings will be in harmony with each other and
with nature.  We will update the site often as our homestead evolves.
So relax and browse our web site.  Read the helpful articles and explore the many tips
we share.  Don’t forget to check out the books and magazines shown to increase your
backwoods, survival and homesteading knowledge.  If you like our site, please tell your
friends and family about us.  Enjoy…  
Going backwoods can still be accomplished whle living on the lake
The Homestead Creek - access to plenty of water is important while homesteading
The Shores of Bull Shoals Lake
Homesteading, Backwoods, Survival



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