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Backwoods Home Magazine
Covers self-reliance topics such as
gardening, livestock, alternative
energy, building, country living,
homeschooling and preparedness.
History, Americana and poetry is
also included.
Countryside & Small Stock
Devoted to simple county living and small scale
livestock raising.  
Articles aimed at the general
reader and at the homesteader in particular,
dealing with raising animals and food, establishing
homesteads, nutrition, well-being and personal
Mother Earth News
This is a country lifestyle service magazine focused on
do-it-yourself living, personal achievement, outdoor
recreation, thrift and the blending of the old-fashioned with
modern ingenuity. Its articles cover equipment, tools,
gardening, health and home remedies, home building and
repair, fishing, natural food and cooking environmentally
friendly products, recycling, country lore and small scale
Small Farm Today
Discusses alternative and traditional crops, livestock, and
direct marketing, designed to help make small and family
farmers profitable and sustainable.
Small Farmers
A magazine devoted to the betterment of
the independent family farm. Each issue
features practical horse farming and
covers all facets of small-scale diversified
Country Woman
Exclusively for women who love the country way of life.
Decorating ideas, crafts, homemaking hints, humor and
Back Home In Kentucky
I've heard this is a great publication. Has had three
really good editions of the Civil War in Kentucky.
Recommended to anyone interested in the History of
Kentucky as well as its natural history.
The Missouri Conservationist
MDC logo
The Farmer's Almanac
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Taste of Home
Taste of Home America s No. 1
cooking magazine takes a commonsense
approach to family-pleasing meals with
family-tested favorites, hints on cooking
for one or two, as well as meals on a
budget for big families and more.
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