Good Luck!!!
EEK!  There's a MOUSE in the HOUSE!
just a bucket and a can and you can make your own homemade mouse trap
Here's a little country common cents (wink) trick that
works for that occasional "mouse in the house"

Any tube or can that you can spin easily on a rod will

Peanut butter seems to be a good bait.   

The furry little beasty jumps on the can or tube for the
bait and it spins freely as he plops into the bottom of
the bucket.

Catch and release, or put a few inches of water in the
Use a Homemade mousetrap for that occasional mouse in the house
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Mouse in the House - Homemade Mouse Traps
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Mouse in the House
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Homemade mousetraps are simple to make and work great
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Mouse in the House - Homemade Mouse Traps